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Essay on U.S. and China Relations - 1123 Words

The relations between the United States and China have grown dramatically since Nixons visit in 1972. Nixons visit got the Chinese and the US back as friends, instead of being against each other because of their government differences. This relationship has been very shaky ever since the nations have been dealing with each other. First, they were on good terms in the late seventeen hundreds. They traded with each other quite often, and American businessmen went over to start businesses in China, which helped out the economy a lot. When the Gold Rush started, there was a really bad disease that had gone all over southeast China. This made many Chinese leave in hopes of striking gold and becoming rich in America, although†¦show more content†¦Through the next ten to twenty years, up until the early seventies, the Chinese and United States regarded one another with suspicion, fear, and hostility. Relations between the U.S. and China were hostile, until the 1970s when Nixon visited China. He wanted to get the United States and China back on good terms. He went over for a little visit with Mao Zedong, the leader of the Communist party, in 1972. Nixon thought he could help China become less Communistic by becoming their friends instead of staying their enemies. Plus, it was time for a change. Ever since then, the two nations have kept up good diplomatic relations, which was much easier when the United States chose to recognize the People Republic of China as a government.(source # 1) As relations improved, China allowed more businessmen and companies in and trading changed between the two dramatically. Since 1979 Chinas economy has grown at an average annual rate of more than 9 percent and has the potential to become the worlds largest economy during the 21st century.(source # 2) China is even expected to have the largest economy in the world very soon. (source # 3) Leaders that have come into power after Zedong have made some changes and actually have some, but not many, privateShow MoreRelatedU.s. China Relations With China1217 Words   |  5 PagesU.S. China Relations Diplomatic relations with China began over 30 years ago. Initially, the relationship created economic wealth for both countries but today, economically China is rising at a faster pace. China is investing its revenue in their military. China has spent as much a $240 billion on military related goods and services. (DIA Annual Threat Assessment, 2014) While the U.S. desires for the PLA to be used maintain peace and stability in the region; subliminally China has stated itsRead MoreChina-U.S. Bilateral Relations1639 Words   |  7 PagesCHINA-U.S BILATERAL RELATION Background: Relation between the Peoples Republic of China and the United States have generally been stable with some period of tension, especially after the breakup of the Soviet Union which removed the common enemy and ushered in a world characterized by American dominance. There are also concerns which relate to Human Rights in the PRC and the political status of Taiwan. While there are some irritants in China-U.S relation, there are also many stabilizing factorsRead MoreU.s. Trade Relations With China Trade Patterns2005 Words   |  9 Pages2. US-China trade patterns Evolution of US trade relations with China. China has been transforming into a rapidly growing economy ever since the trade reforms began in 1979 and upon its further entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO) on December 11, 2001 as the 143rd member, China’s trade liberalization and global trade commitments made at that time augmented the expansion in U.S.-China marketable ties (Morrison, 2015). The most significant clause of this WTO enterprise that proved to be beneficialRead MoreChina Is A Player At The Table1579 Words   |  7 Pagesthe 21st century, U.S.-China relations have been shaped by the perception and acknowledgment that â€Å"China is a player at the table†. As a result, many have turned to international relation theories to predict whether China’s rise will peaceful or conflicted. Most understand that international relations are a â€Å"combination of forces and factors that are regarded as being diametrically opposed to one another†(Friedberg 2005 p11). However, in the unique cas e of U.S.-China relations, there is not onlyRead MoreU.S. Foreign Policy Toward Taiwan Essay1232 Words   |  5 PagesTaiwan, also known as the Republic of China, faces several elements implicated by the U.S. foreign policy. The first element of American foreign policy is that the United States only recognizes one China. Whether it’s the China to the left of the Strait or the Taiwan to the right, it is up to both sides. The second element of American foreign policy is that Washington encourages dialogue between the two sides but will not apply pressure to either side (U.S. FOREIGN POLICY TOWARD TAIWAN, 2001).Read MoreChina Between The Republic Of China1661 Words   |  7 PagesAfter The Chinese Civil War ended in 1950, a separation of ‘‘old’’ China between the Republic of China (ROC, commonly known as â€Å"Taiwan†) and the People’s Republic of China (PRC, commonly known as â€Å"China†) created legal and political dilemmas (Hs ieh, 2016). They both declare the island of Taiwan is an integral part of their territories. Until the 1990s, Taiwan was able to conquer her diplomatic isolation by expanding the international trade and investment flows to all of her business partners regardlessRead MoreEconomic Relations Between China And China869 Words   |  4 Pagesthe other such as the instance of China. Although China stands as one of the biggest communist countries, statistics have shown that â€Å"China is 175.6% dependent on the U.S.† (Chang). Although both divergent from the other, the United States’ bilateral relationship with China is essential and necessary for their success and diplomacy. Through an economic standpoint, â€Å"the U.S. approach to its economic relations with China has two main elements: integrating China into the global, rules-based economicRead MoreChina-Taiwan Relations 788 Words   |  3 PagesTaiwan and China Mainland share the same culture, language and tradition. From this perspective, the Taiwan question is the domestic affair of China. But, because of some historical reasons, the U.S. has involved into the question. As well as, the Taiwan question has been very sensitive question in China-U.S. relations, and it is influenced by the global political structure and regional political structure in the Far East. The U.S. would not like to give up its concerns and interest in Taiwan, theRead MoreTrade Patterns Of Usa And China944 Words   |  4 Pagesfollowing paper coherently illustrates the trade patterns of USA and China and describes the various trade policies developed over the past years that have impacted the respective economies of both countries alongside the effect of the same on the bilateral trade relations between the two. Based upon the previous statistics, US-China trade is considerably one of the largest trading partners in today’s economies. Both countries’ trade relations entail exchange of investment, services as well as goods varyingRead MoreAn Explanation Of The Bushs Foreign Trade Policy1399 Words   |  6 Pagestrade agreement negotiations: the signing of the FTA with Jordan in September 2001 and its formal implementation in December of that year; the signing in 2003 of the United States-Chilean Freedom At the trade zone level, Bush emphasized in the 200 2 U.S. National Security Strategy that he must further strengthen free trade agreements with all kinds of developed and developing countries in all regions of the world. Easy agreement. Multilateral Policy, November 2001, Doha Round was officially launched

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