Sunday, February 9, 2020

Class Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Class - Movie Review Example The opening clips are really not surprising because the United States Secretary of Defense is always accusing the Iraqis of presenting a biased view of the American operation yet the Iraqi Minister of Information was doing the exact same thing. The way that the documentary shows these two opposing views side by side is making fun of them in a way because it shows how single minded some news organizations can be when they have already decided what the news will be and then they find a story to suit that. Other networks are shown to only select news stories that fit their point of view, while a producer for Al Jazeera comments that he wants his news channel to set the standard for news reporting in the Middle East. â€Å"Control Room† follows the careers of three main individuals: Josh Rushing, David Shuster, and Tom Mintier. All of these reporters are American and so they have instruction to only show the Iraq War in a certain light. Josh Rushing is perhaps the most interesting of these three reporters because he works at the U.S. Central Command, or what is known as CENTCOM. At the start, Rushing shows how much he dislikes the Al Jazeera network because it does not show any of crimes committed by Iraqi soldiers. An American reporter then claims that there is no footage of such events even though they are likely occurring. The problem is that without any evidence of these crimes, most Arab people had a hard time believing it. Rushing also says that many American news media are guilty of the same thing, except in the opposite way. The whole film is built around this central idea that news media organizations in general are bias and only show stories that fit their beliefs. The problem i s that the truth is not told, and this is a really important during the time of war. The film changes tact part way through and focuses on American

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